Trash Baby Manifesto by Chelsea Fiddyment

Meekling Press

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A small trash can zine, containing a manifesto of Trash Baby Philosophy by Chelsea Fiddyment.

Chelsea Fiddyment owns 30 pairs of performance-related sunglasses and once shared a stage with a city council member while shouting about personal lubricant for 2 minutes. They love books and don't read. They are also the creator of UNREAL, a fiction-focused, experimental open mic that currently takes place online on the third Tuesday of each month. ||
Dimensions: 2.5 x 3.5 x 2.5"
Materials: Softcover book

Meekling Press


Meekling Press is a small “boundary defying” publisher, printer, and arts collective based in Chicago. We are a low-scale and DIT (Do It Together!) press. Many of our editions are handmade, partially printed on the letterpress, and/or hand-bound. We work in collaboration with our authors throughout the design and production process. We are not so interested in boundaries of genre, or in restrictions of length. What is more important is to find that sentence or that novel (etc) its most wonderful, thoughtfully-created nest.