Psychedelic Poppies Puzzle

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Sometimes one beautiful flower is better than a bouquet. A good friend delivered a single poppy to my door and over the following days, I photographed its life cycle. Sections of dark background may push your mind to its limits, but the satisfaction of completing each beautiful bloom will motivate you to move on.
Dimensions: 1000 pieces, 10.75 x 7.75 x 2"
Materials: High-quality art paper with matte finish


Wink Puzzles

Brenda Bergen, founder of Wink Puzzles and Wink Design Atelier, has always loved puzzling as long as she can remember.. Like a good book, she panics near the end if she don’t have another puzzle on deck. As a designer, she was always on the hunt for beautiful things and wasn't able to find good-looking puzzles. It has taken hundreds of hours and multiple iterations of design followed by putting them together to determine which elements were needed to strike a balance among broad strokes, small details, repetition, and variation. Puzzlers need elements to orient them along the way, while those elements must thoughtfully make sense as a whole.
Her hope is to create beautiful puzzles that satisfy other avid puzzlers and lure newbies into a new pastime that keeps your mind fresh and relieves stress.