Patriotic Immigrants Bumper Stickers

Kimberly Kim

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Immigrant Patriotic Names Bumper Sticker! Don't go back to where you're really from, but stay here and keep paying taxes please!
Perfect for your vehicle, but would also be perfect for your laptop, water bottles, and binders.

Scratch proof, waterproof, and UV resistant.
Durable vinyl bumper stickers.
Dimensions: 8 x 2.4"
Materials: vinyl bumper stickers

Kimberly Kim

Kimberly Kim is an artist and arts administrator from Chicago. Kim's work focuses on manipulating ceramic objects and photography, which explores the cross section of art and product design. She is inspired by biographical storytelling, landscape polaroids that reference 1970’s Russian sci-fi cinema, and everyday kitchen objects visually imagined through bizarre and crude humor. Her cross-cultural background of having grown up in Seoul and Chicago has directed her to focus on methods of human connection over shared trauma, along with humor and tangibility of objects. She received BS in Mathematics from University of Illinois at Chicago and BA in Photography from Columbia College Chicago.