Words and Stripes Puzzle

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Thirty-nine sassy stripes start out on the straight and narrow before they progress to the wild side. The text on the left reveals color inspiration and offers an easy start. Challenge-seekers and patient puzzlers will enjoy piecing together the swirls on the right side. The Words & Stripes jigsaw puzzle is a good choice for families or groups with mixed level puzzlers.
Dimensions: 1000 pieces, 10.75 x 7.75 x 2"
Materials: High-quality art paper with matte finish

Wink Puzzles

Brenda Bergen, founder of Wink Puzzles and Wink Design Atelier, has always been fascinated by puzzles. As a designer, she was always on the hunt for beautiful things and wasn't able to find good-looking puzzles. She has dedicated hundreds of hours to finding a balance among broad strokes, small details, repetition, and variation to create beautiful puzzles. She aims to create puzzles that satisfy avid puzzlers and lure newbies into a new pastime.