Walnut Ripple Bowl

Studio Sour

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Ideal for mixed nuts, or small objects. This item is food safe, and coated with a generous layer of butcher block wax. Hand wash only with gentle soaps.

Dimensions: 7 x 2"
Materials: Walnut wood 

Studio Sour
(Humboldt Park)

Studio Sour is a project of Adam Mansour, Sour coming from the constant mispronunciation of Mansour (Mun-sue-r) as man-sour, and the general feeling of sourness felt about it. I found that this feeling extended beyond that but into the studio and in my practice as a designer and artist.

This project was born from the general feeling of sourness towards taking design, woodworking, and myself too seriously. This brand has been curated from the objects that I find myself making in those moments of frustration, and for the love of making. It is an opportunity to take myself a little less seriously and just make some fun objects, and provide those offerings with the hope that others can connect to the joy that I found in their creation.