W.E.F.T. Placemats

The Weaving Mill

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PYRG (light) and PYRG (dark) are two variations of PINK-YELLOW-RED-GREEN, a most delectable bold color-stripe rep-weave placemats woven with deadstock yarns in the W.E.F.T. studio. Treat your table to some special placemats, they’re like rugs for your dinner plate. Sold in a set of 2. Machine wash, and hang to dry for best care.

W.E.F.T. is a textile education program run by The Weaving Mill in partnership with social services agency Envision Unlimited. They facilitate open-studio workshops in hand weaving, sewing, and object design for adults with developmental disabilities. Focusing on collaborative process, a communal studio environment, and creative use of found and recycled materials, the W.E.F.T. workshops encourage participants to strengthen their creative and technical muscles through regular practice.
Dimensions: 15.5 X 12” 
Materials: Mixed deadstock and donated yarns


The Weaving Mill 
(Humboldt Park)

The Weaving Mill is an artist-run industrial weaving studio in Chicago. They make limited runs of woven home goods and apparel, focusing on creative use of deadstock, scrapped, and recycled yarns, as well as supply-chain-forward contemporary materials. In partnership with social services agency Envision Unlimited, they provide textile education workshops for adults with developmental disabilities and host an experimental artist residency program. Through their projects, textile and otherwise, they aim to fill the space between the hand and industrially made and bring the mechanics of textile production into wider view.