Vases Built By Brizzi

Built by Brizzi

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In the centuries-old tradition of agateware, each piece begins with hand-dyed porcelain thrown on the wheel to create a marbled pattern. Each one-of-a-kind piece is glazed on the inside, high-fired in the kiln, and hand buffed to create a smooth finish on the outside.
Materials: Porcelain agateware


Built by Brizzi
(Ukranian Village)

Built By Brizzi pulls from the centuries-old tradition of agateware to create distinct, elegant ceramics. The creative process explores the tension between control and chance, foresight and improvisation. The lush shapes and bold designs are detailed and subtle, but singular in effect and composition. Each handmade piece is unique and can stand alone as a statement piece or complement the flora, fauna, and minerals that inspire it.