Upcycled Soft Brim Hat

Aitis Something

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Each hat is a one-of-a-kind combination of printed/dyed canvas and salvaged textiles sporting Aitis Something's signature soft brim. Fold it up and put your hat in a pocket with no fear of permanent creases. Aitis hats are standard sizing and fully lined, with adjustable D-ring straps.
Dimensions: 3" brim 7" from edge to crown
Materials: Salvaged fabrics and painted canvas

Aitis Something 

Through her music (Aitis Band, Joan of Arc), performance, clothing, and visual art, Melina Ausikaitis impacts almost every layer of culture in Chicago. Her wearable products are one of a kind and sourced from pre-existing garments.  Each item is a distinctive combination of fabrics, dyeing techniques and block prints.