Unfurl Unfold: The Touch of a Leaf, the Page in a Book Felt

Aimée Beaubien

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Image-Text-Design by Aimée Beaubien. Printed in collaboration with Angee Lennard at Spudnik Press Cooperative in Chicago, IL. This project is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency, a state agency.
Edition of 25.
Dimensions: 11" x 18"
Materials: Inkjet and screen print on Tyvek, French-link handbound coptic-stitched 


Aimée Beaubien
(Logan Square)

Aimée Beaubien is an artist living and working in Chicago. Her cut-up photographic collages, installations and artist books explore networks of meaning and association between the real and the ideal: a photographed plant, interlaced vine, woven topography merge into fields of color and pattern and back again expanding the ever more complicated sensations of reading a photograph and experiencing nature. Beaubien’s work has been exhibited and published nationally and internationally. Beaubien is an Associate Professor of Photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL where she has taught since 1997.