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TRANE is the text-free edition of Crosshair's Swans Barcelona print. The name comes from some venerable and iconic graffiti at the top of the was there for many years, was wiped out in 2013 and then replaced with a near-perfect replica of the original (plus a red background) shortly thereafter. By whom, I have no idea, but I salute them. 
Dimensions: 17.5 x 23"
Materials:  8-color silkscreen print, edition of 45

(West Town)

Dan MacAdam has operated under the trade name Crosshair since opening his Chicago studio in 1995.  From his entry into the screenprint medium as a poster artist interpreting music, he has been drawn to photography and to technically rigorous, photorealistic print as a means of drawing the viewer into three-dimensional spaces. Through his work he seeks to explore the boundaries and tensions between the human-built and natural worlds, where he finds rhythms, textures and atmospheres analogous to those occurring in music. Crosshair prints frequently portray structures and landscapes in transitional states, transformed by growth, decay and shifting context to new forms, at a remove from their intended function.