This is About Options: Education, Art School, and Other Ways

Jen Delos Reyes

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What should an arts education look like today? Can education change the role of artists and designers in society? How does teaching change when it is done with compassion? How does one navigate and resist the often emotionally toxic world of academia? With the rising cost of education what can we do differently?
Dimensions: 3.5 X 5", 32 pages
Materials: Softcover book, staple-bound


Jen Delos Reyes
(McKinley Park)

Jen Delos Reyes is a "farmer of sorts and an artist of sorts," educator, writer, and radical community arts organizer. She is defiantly optimistic, a friend to all birds, and proponent that our institutions can become tender and vulnerable. Her practice is as much about working with institutions as it is about creating and supporting sustainable artist-led culture.