Escape From Babylon (Volumes 1-4)

The Microphone Misfitz

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The Escape From Babylon series is an action adventure satire staring Chicago's premier Hip-Hop group The Microphone Misfitz. It takes the conspiracy theories about the music industry and puts them in a literal context.
Dimensions: Book: 7 x 10.5", CD: 5" diameter
Materials: Softcover book, staplebound, two-color risograph


The Microphone Misfitz
(North Lawndale)

The Microphone Misfitz use the pillars of Hip-Hop and their shared dynamics to enlighten and sustain their audiences. Kin Solo, DFEX, and Jet Nam (Jet9) are the choreography & movement artists; Ray of Light is the hype-man & MC; Mel L. is the Graffiti artist, vocalist, & road DJ, and D-Nick The Microphone Misfit is the lead MC, lyricist & artistic director of the group. As well as Hip-Hop artists they are also comic book artists and creators.