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A journal of performative literary nonsense. The Meekling Review, a single issue of an imaginary review, sometimes literary review, sometimes scientific review, written entirely under false names and identities, grew out of Meekling’s TALKS, a series of fictional lectures hosted by Meekling Press.

Issue #SZQ-645.pi features art & writing by:
Anthony Amoroso, Aditya Bahl, Ali Chitsaz, Mary Climes, Kyle Coma-Thompson, Drew Dickerson, Bryan Edenfield, Suzanne Gold, Dan Ivec, Jacklyn Janeksela, Philip Johnson, Gabriel Kendra, Rachael K LeValley, Analeah Loschiavo, Rebecca Nicole Nakaba
Dimensions: 6 x 9 x .5"
Materials: Softcover book

Meekling Press


Meekling Press is a small “boundary defying” publisher, printer, and arts collective based in Chicago. We are a low-scale and DIT (Do It Together!) press. Many of our editions are handmade, partially printed on the letterpress, and/or hand-bound. We work in collaboration with our authors throughout the design and production process. We are not so interested in boundaries of genre, or in restrictions of length. What is more important is to find that sentence or that novel (etc) its most wonderful, thoughtfully-created nest.