The Healing Hand - Cameron Traxxx Cassette

Feeltrip Records

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Neal Dexter is no stranger to dance music. With years of experience making crowds move under the moniker "Krueger", the Philadelphia native and now Chicago resident is set to release his 4th record on Feeltrip Record's sub label Reptillian Trax. Dexter now goes under the alias "Cameron Traxxx" and for "The Healing Hand" he digs deep into the roots of Chicago house but adds his own twist.

Dimensions: 4 X 2.75"
Materials: Casette tape

Feeltrip Records 
(Irving park)

Feeltrip is a record label and artist collective based in Chicago, IL. They specialize in local music, screen printed apparel, zines, posters and anything DIY. They hold monthly events throughout the city and work and collaborate within Chicago's vast DIY scene.