The Amphora Vase

Studio Herron

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The Amphora Vase Woven in Natural + Denim + Lemon is a one-of-a-kind objet d’art, hand dyed and woven with reed in our Chicago studio.
Inspired by forms in ancient Greek ceramics, the material language of this vessel brings together the rich craft history of weaving with 3 dimensional form.
Reed is a natural palm plant that grows like a vine in South East Asia. It is harvested, debarked, boiled, cleaned and prepared in 1 lb bundles. Reed is a versatile plant that when soaked becomes pliable. Basketry is the very first craft, predating clay pottery and stone carving. Originating in the early Archaic Period around 8,000-6,000 BCE. Surviving through millennia as a utilitarian craft and form of art among cultures around the world. Our basket woven vessels are inspired by these early roots and the language of ceramics. Paired with vibrant colors and techniques that emphasize shape and form, our vessels are both art objects and utilitarian pieces. Each one is completely made by hand and one of-a-kind.

Dimensions: 13 x 16"
Materials: Hand-dyed and woven reed

Studio Herron

Studio Herron is a design studio that focuses on textiles, furniture, and objects that combine artistic process and traditional craft methodologies with the utilitarian and the aesthetic. Studio Herron creates unique and beautiful work for trade, commercial retail, private and public commission, gallery exhibition, and the Studio Herron label. Each is a thoughtful work of art for everyday life, utility, and comfort.