Stephen Eichhorn: Cat Cactus Puzzle


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The Stephen Eichhorn: Cat Cactus (2012 No More Meow Meow Pt. 1) puzzle is the first project of its kind for both Eichhorn and SKYLARK EDITIONS. This unique photographic object combines the playful qualities of Eichhorn’s collages with the unique challenges inherent to putting together a puzzle. Selected from Eichhorn’s Cats & Plants series, Cat Cactus (2012 No More Meow Meow Pt. 1), is equal parts strange, attractive, hypnotizing, and bizarre. The merging of these seemingly disparate elements lends itself perfectly to the creation of this unique puzzle. At a final size of 8X10 inches, this prickly pear will make an excellent addition to your collection. 
Dimensions: 8 x 10" assembled, 5 x 7" box
Materials: 100 piece cardboard puzzle.

(Rogers Park)

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