I Can’t Condense You Into This Title

Sonya Bogdanova

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"Across different cultures in the so-called Old and New Worlds, scalping was the rage. Herodotus talks of warriors who kept scalps as trophies - 'he hangs these [flesh] handkerchiefs on the bridle of his horse, and is very proud of them. The best man is the man who has the greatest number.' This piece was punched and scraped before being 'scalped.' This piece serves as a joyous record of vengeful action against an evildoer."

Dimensions: 13.5 x 17"
Materials: Acrylic and India ink on masonite


Sonya Bogdanova

Sonya Bogdanova (b. 1991, Moscow) is a Chicago-based artist. Currently an MFA Candidate in Studio Arts (2021) at the University of Illinois at Chicago, she earned a BFA from the School of the Art Institute in 2012. Primarily working with paint, glue, and garbage, Bogdanova examines the interplay between oppressive class structures and exigent family dynamics.