SOILED Issue Nº8 Onceuponascrapers


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Issue Nº8 of SOILED magazine: Onceuponascrapers is a collection of illustrated architectural children’s stories akin to “picture books” that narrate contemporary ideas about architecture and the built environment. While these stories are crafted to be read aloud to young audiences, the storytelling also aims to empower, engage, and entertain audiences of all ages. Onceuponascrapers gives license to adults to suspend their presumptions in “reality” and “grown-up behavior” in order to envision alternative futures and pleasurable new worlds.
Dimensions: 10 x 10"
Materials: Magazine

(Albany Park)

SOILED is a periodical of architectural stories that makes a mess of the politics of space. Positioned between a literary journal and design magazine, SOILED narrates a playfully sincere and seriously humorous exploration of oft-overlooked dimensions of our built environment. They believe that by intensifying the fictive and storytelling potential in architecture, we might engage a broader public in architectural ideas from discourse to action. SOILED is an independent, artist-lead project produced by Joseph Altshuler, Hollen Reischer, Matthew Harlan, and Mariel Tishma, and published by the Chicago-based design practice Could Be Architecture.