Sobotka Literary Magazine Issue 7

Sobotka Literary Magazine

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Sobotka Literary Magazine's 7th Issue with poetry and prose by: Edward Ahern, Nishat Ahmed, Dessa Bayrock, PJ Carmichael, Sarah Champion, HarryJames Clifford, Josh Dale, B.R. Dionysius, Malina Douglas, Carol Ellis, Nikolai Garcia, Kathleen Gunton, TS Hidalgo, Betsy Housten Sneha Subramanian Kanta, Radhaika Kapur, Kayla King, Luis Lopez-Maldonado, John Rodzvilla, Constance Schultz, Miranda Sun, Chance Chambers, Dustin Davenport, Dane Erbach, Ed McMenamin, Amanda Rozmer, Kevin Sterne, and Annelise Trout
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8", 78 pages
Materials: Softcover journal

Sobotka Literary Magazine

Sobotka roughly translates from Polish as “bonfire" and has become synonymous with people conversing and connecting in a warm light of their own creation, safe from the darkness that surrounds them. At Sobotka, we publish prose and poetry and believe that original, inspiring writing can serve as bonfire. Co-Founders/Editors/Masters of the Sobotkaverse: Nick Rossi and Kathy Klimentowski