Organize Your Own: The Politics and Poetics of Self-Determination Movements Ed. by Anthony Romero

Soberscove Press

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Organize Your Own features new work by contemporary artists, poets, and writers that relates to the Black Power movement’s mandate to “organize your own” community against racism. Exploring the question of what “your own” might mean, this book connects some of the concerns dealt with in the 1960s and ’70s to the conversations and social movements around racial justice happening today. With contributions including: Amber Art & Design, Rashayla Marie Brown, Emily Chow Bluck, Billy “Che” Brooks, Salem Collo-Julin, Irina Contreras, Eric J. Garcia, Maria Gaspar, Thomas Graves, Robby Herbst, Jen Hofer, Alethea Hyun-Jin Shin, Mike James, Marissa Johnson- Valenzuela, Jennifer Kidwell, Antonio Lopez, Nicole Marroquin, Fred Moten, Matt Neff, Edward Onaci, Dave Pabellon, Mary Patten, Rasheedah Phillips, Frank Sherlock, Hy Thurman, Thread Makes Blanket, James Tracy, Daniel Tucker, Dan S. Wang, Wooden Leg Print & Press, Works Progress with Jayanthi Kyle, and Rebecca Zorach Published 2016 ISBN: 9781940190112
Dimensions: 6 x 7", 248 pages
Materials: Softcover book, 64 full color pages


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