Snow White's Shattered Coffin

It Came from Beyond Pulp

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Snow White’s Shattered Coffin is a horrific short story by Chicago-based horror writer Cynthia Pelayo, illustrated by Chicago-based artist Vheto Gutierrez Vazquez. The story: Chicago’s Graceland Cemetery is the resting place of thousands of people, and as many myths and legends. When a little girl attends a funeral at the cemetery she discovers some myths and legends refuse to die, and will remain with you, like an infection, unless you can find an escape. Limited edition of 200 copies, each one signed and numbered by the author and artist.
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5"
Materials: Paper booklet


It Came from Beyond Pulp
(Hyde Park)

Michael Savona makes work to live around. Founded in 2010, his practice includes art objects, housewares, furniture, printed matter, textiles, visual identities, and websites. Projects are a mix of collaborative, commissioned and self-initiated; often alongside a network of artists, creatives, industry, vendors, and friends. In 2018, Michael started the artists’ book imprint Frontieriors as a means to co–create and distribute books.