RAVE by Paul D'Amato


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Signed! Rave copies, the fourth monograph by Paul D’Amato, brings together previously unpublished photographs made in the early 1990s of the underground music and dance scenes in Chicago, New Orleans, and across New England. D’Amato captured the verve, atmosphere, and rhythm of improvised communities that coalesced around a love of music and movement expressed with imagination and invention. These gatherings, staged often illegally in warehouses and abandoned buildings, cut across the common social divisions of age, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. D’Amato’s vivid color photographs convey the transcendent joy that exploded from the tightly packed rooms pulsing with electronic music. Comprised of 48 images spread across 12 spiral-bound gatefolds, the book’s kinetic design furthers the explosive energy of D’Amato’s photographs. Yudi Xia, Fengzhao Xu
Dimensions: 7 x 9"
Materials:  12 spiral-bound gatefolds, 48 plates, digital offset

(Rogers Park)

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