Postcards from the Pandemic


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In March of 2020, across the country, we were instructed to shelter in place. A pandemic was raging. As image makers dedicated to bearing witness, immersed in the art of the real, what were we to do? The answer of course was to go to work. This time, as one group, one collective, we turned our attention to the challenge of photographing something invisible - a virus. This set includes work from: Nathan Bobey, Parker Bosserman, Zac Clingenpeel, Maddy Harlow, Ludvig Peres, Lakesha Howard-Williams, Daniel Hud, Dominika Jackuliakova, Tommy Keith, Menghsin Lin, Natasha Moustache, Osvaldo Torres, Tony Truty, Yudi Xia, Fengzhao Xu
Dimensions: 5 x 7 x 1"
Materials: Paper postcards, box.

(Rogers Park)

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