Porcelain Vs. Terracotta Chess Set

Giovanna Pizzoferrato

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This chess set was handmade during Giovanna's artist residency at Ceramics School in Detroit, featured in a garden chess party in the Hamtramck Neighborhood Arts Festival, and soon thereafter displayed in a solo exhibition, "Burning in Heaven" in Chicago. This chess set comes with extra queens in hopes of pawn promotions! The design of the pieces reflects their powers, with the objectively powerful queen being taller than the king.
Dimensions: Board: two 14.5 x 7.25 x 0.25" slabs
Materials:  Chess pieces: unglazed porcelain versus unglazed terracotta. Board: unglazed porcelain with terracotta surface treatment.

Giovanna Pizzoferrato

Giovanna Pizzoferrato is Brazilian American artist from Los Angeles. Her artwork is often about connections, and investigations into the way in which things work or don’t work mechanically, and in human relationships. Driven by connections, Giovanna is fascinated by how chess pieces must work together or be doomed to fail.

Giovanna is a nationally and internationally recognized artist, having participated in many projects at the individual and collective level, including Los Angeles, Chicago, and São Paulo.