Notes from No Place

Kayla Anderson

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A diary of the summer I accidentally joined a cult. In Summer 2017, I was asked to be the writer in residence for an experimental utopian art project. I flew to Paris. I had my passport, keys, and wallet locked in a vault. Things got weird. This writing, commissioned to be an official log of the project, was deemed too critical by the artist, and pulled from publication. I present it to you here for your enjoyment, alongside similarly censored paintings by the artist Rebecca Farr. 
Dimensions: 5 x 7"
Materials: Risograph print on French paper, clear spiral binding.

Kayla Anderson
(Logan Square)

Kayla Anderson is an interdisciplinary artist, a critical writer, a sometimes-curator, a precarious administrator, and an aspiring educator. Pers visual practice is time-based, spanning video and new media, performance, installation, and publication. Through art, per practices ways of being with the world: of uncovering its curiosities and rubbing up against its contradictions. Pers work often investigates the ways that culture and subjectivity shape, and are shaped by, technology. As an animist, per is invested in building relationships with the non-human world. Pers writing focuses on art as a testing ground for developing new relations, ethics, and worldviews. Pers work has been shown at itinerant spaces in the US, Vietnam, Singapore, and Australia, and pers writing has been published by Leonardo Journal, Art & Education, Kunstlicht Journal, and Aperture Magazine.