No Rules by Allison Parssi


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LATITUDE,Chicago’s premier community print lab,celebrates community practices  with Value Prints, a group photography show and print sale featuring the work of nine Chicago-based artists, on-view March 31 through April 28. No Rules by Allison Parssi is a single page zine with poster on reverse

Edition Size 20 +3APs 
Dimensions : 18x24 inches, folded down to 6x9 inches

Materials: Archival Inkjet Print on 80lb French Paper


Allison Parssi

Allison Parssi is a Chicago based artist + DJ. They are continually recontextualizing and reclaiming their art practice through music curation, collage, image making, writing, and sending art via snail mail. With the outdoors being a main theme throughout their work, you can find Allison on the lakefront at any time of the year. @allisonparssi


(West Town)

LATITUDE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in the West Town area of Chicago. LATITUDE maintains a community digital lab with high-end scanning and printing equipment, C41 film processing, operates an artist in residence program, and organizes regular education & arts programming.