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Seiya Abe-Bell

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Shadow box with LEDs that depicts the artists visualization of navigating through his own jumbled thoughts on a day to day basis. 
Materials: Spray paint on foam core boards, wire figures

Seiya Abe-Bell
(Little Italy)

Seiya Abe-Bell is an Asian/African American artist who is half Japanese and half African American. In his practice, Seiya works with various visual mediums including drawing, acrylic painting, photography, digital illustration, sculpture, collage, and mixed media. Throughout his work, he incorporates the use of recycled materials found on the street or self-generated such as plastic and glass bottles, cardboard boxes, car parts, and discarded furniture. His sculptures, comprised of recyclables and acrylic paints are mainly created using these materials. 

Through his art, Seiya hopes to exhibit the fundamental issues we all face in this internet age, in an emotional and visceral way. With hopes of inspiring others to create and pursue change as he notices a tendency for those in his generation (including himself) to idle when there are things to be done. He archives this by showcasing the issues he believes need to be addressed: The current condition of our environment, the mindset of our youth, mental health, and equality.

@Sokka_Art (Instagram)