Love Letters to My Body Print & Poem

It’s Pronounced Cha

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“love letters to my body” comes with an 11 x 17” print and 4 x 6” poem both drawn and written by Tshab Her. This project celebrates and mourns Her’s journey of self love and acceptance as a fat Hmong American woman. Her hope and invitation is that viewers would tend to their body by breathing in its softness and allowing themselves to feel the power within them.
Dimensions: 11 x 17” print, 4 x 6” poem
Materials: Digital print on 100 lb paper

It’s Pronounced Cha
(Pilsen / South Evanston)

It’s Pronounced Cha was founded in 2020 by Tshab Her, an interdisciplinary artist. With an emphasis on fiber arts, she creates art through the lens of a second generation Hmong American woman breaking free from erasure. It’s Pronounced Cha was created as a bridge to Her’s art practice and love for fashion. She uses Hmong design patterns in her handmade jewelry as a tribute to her ancestry and enjoys creating with vibrant colors inspired by traditional Hmong clothing.