Little Green People

Character Study

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Dimensions: Varies: Classic/ Hand Sewn 7 x 10"  - M 10 x 6" - L 16 x 6.5"
Materials: stretch velvet, organic cotton filling, wire armature

Character Study

Character Study is an artist and maker duo living in Chicago, specializing in handmade home-goods with designs that originate from one of a kind pieces carefully crafted for close friends, loved ones, and family. We take these designs and reproduce them lovingly for everyday use. We strive to implement simple and classic techniques to create affordable, approachable works that anyone can use to add a small special sense of wonder to any space.

We also hope to be distinct in our attitude towards the goods we provide to a larger audience. It is our ultimate goal to take the bespoke and resourceful qualities from a personally conceived gift intended for a unique individual, and bestow them upon every piece we make. Giving them a type of familiarity that possesses it’s owner and reminds us of generational hand-me-downs and ‘couldn’t help but think of you’ presents.

Jesse Riehle Kegan, Danielle s.y Chen,