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Level Eater

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If you’re playing Level Eater this year, you want this. We decided to spice up our old quest menus by giving the players more to look at — something worth keeping as a memento. No spoilers here! This zine was designed for you, the player, to help you select the quests that YOU want to undertake in play.

Check it out: Our full-color, 30-page Quest Guide zine features original art by Logan Bay, Kelly Severtson, Y. Shiso, and Dillon Yothers plus stirring new designs with classic illustrations, all working together to depict enticing quests!

Your purchase also gets you a digital version of the zine, to get you pumped for the main event.


Level Eater

Level Eater is Public Media Institute's annual Dungeons & Dragons event. Usually hosted at Co-Prosperity Sphere, this year's 12th edition takes place online. Level Eater in Chicago determines the fate of the fantastical city of Portsbridge—cast out between worlds by a curse from an evil foe called the Nemesis!
Proceeds from Level Eater XII benefit Lumpen Radio! Thanks for being a HERO! Visit leveleater.com for more info and updates.