Kaleido_Book by Myungah Hyon and Li Han

Candor Arts

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Kaleido_Book is a guidebook intended to inform readers how to make unique 3D paper structures (transformative structures and kaleidocycles) to encourage exploring new and exciting forms of Artist Books.

Kaleido_Book introduces a variety of interactive paper sculpture structures alongside easy to follow instructions and templates. Readers have access to almost twenty unique projects created using elements and structures utilized in numerous artistic and scientific disciplines. Most of the pages in the book have tear-out options, allowing readers to cut up, color in, or doodle on each page’s layout. Readers can easily use the templates found on each page and make each into a one-of-a-kind 3D art object. Each form results in an exquisite geometric sculpture and is an epic crafting adventure for any age.

Kaleido_Book is the second publication by Myungah Hyon who wrote Book Book, an introductory book on intro-level bookbinding in collaboration with designer, Li Han. When Myungah Hyon and Li Han met as teacher and teaching assistant at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, they started to share their ideas about new approaches to the Artist Books and continuously sought out new mediums, surfaces, and forms to express ideas together. Discovering new methods through trial and error was an essential and rewarding process for both of them.



Candor Arts
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Candor Arts is a Chicago-based resource and independent publisher of artist books. Their published authors share personal accounts of their lives and offer therapeutic perspectives on learning and healing. Their projects are always derived from human experience and often address social issues in contemporary society.