Freedom Soup

Jacqueline Alcántara

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Join the celebration in the kitchen as a family makes their traditional New Year’s soup — and shares the story of how Haitian independence came to be. "The shake-shake of maracas vibrates down to my toes. Ti Gran’s feet tap-tap to the rhythm." For ages 5 - 9. By Tami Charles, Illustrations by Jacqueline Alcántara Published by Candlewick Press
ISBN: 9780763689773
Dimensions: 9 x 11"
Materials: Hardcover book

Jacqueline Alcántara

Jacqueline Alcántara is a freelance illustrator and artist. Jacqueline studied Secondary Art Education and taught high school art and photography before transitioning to illustration. Her experience working with children has led her to focusing on children’s literature and specifically in pursuit of projects featuring a diverse main character. She won the 2016 “We Need Diverse Books Campaign” Mentorship Award and is excited to be working to promote inclusiveness and diversity in children’s literature and the illustration field.