Heavy Handed - Pixel Grip

Feeltrip Records

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Heavy Handed feels like getting in on Chicago’s best kept secret. Rita Lukea, Jonathon Freund, and Tyler Ommen developed their debut LP over the past two years recording at Decade Music Studios and playing tirelessly at venues like Thalia Hall, word of mouth underground electro dance parties, and on festival stages. This record melds Chicago house, French electronica, and Hi-NRG while Rita dazzles with strong, clean pop melodies dipped in eroticism which at times boil over into ecstatic otherworldly babble.

Dimensions: 12 X 12"
Materials: Vinyl

Feeltrip Records 
(Irving park)

Feeltrip is a record label and artist collective based in Chicago, IL. They specialize in local music, screen printed apparel, zines, posters and anything DIY. They hold monthly events throughout the city and work and collaborate within Chicago's vast DIY scene.