Sonic Meditations by 10 Deep Listeners

Half Letter Press

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This is a tribute to Pauline Oliveros, musician, pioneer, freethinker, teacher and a source of inspiration for so many, who passed away unexpectedly, at the end of 2016. In January of that year, a group of eleven students from different places around the world, started a Deep Listening Certification class, led by Pauline Oliveros, IONE, Heloise Gold, Monique Buzzarté, Tom Bickley and Norman Lowrey. Their backgrounds were diverse, but they shared a collective inspiration: “Our goal is to facilitate creativity in ourselves and others and to cultivate the ability to guide others through listening”. —Brett Bloom, Charles Zotique, Julia Steinmetz, Lech Kalita, Lindsay Karty, Michael McDermott, Morten Svenstrup, Paul van Offen, Sherrie Tucker, Sylvie Decaux
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5”, 32 pages
Materials: Softcover book

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