Guide to Being Alone Zine

Julia Arredondo

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Points covered in this zine include: *Dealing with being newly single *Realizing that your friends suck *Realizing that everyone sucks *Being at home alone *Being in public alone *Traveling alone AND MORE! The zine is saddle-stitched and was originally published through Vice Versa Press.
Dimensions: 8.7 x 7"
Materials: Black and white publication with a color cover

Julia Arredondo
(Humboldt Park)

Julia Arredondo is an artist entrepreneur who recently concluded her MFA at Columbia College Chicago. Originally from Corpus Christi, TX; Julia is heavily influenced by the small, family-based businesses she grew up around. Formally trained in printmaking and specializing in artistic forms of independent publishing, Julia founded Vice Versa Press, Curandera Press, QTVC Live! and COVIDtv.