Gramps the Vamp - Keeper of the Void Vinyl

Gramps the Vamp

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Described as a “post-apocalyptic dance party,” Keeper of the Void, the third album from Gramps The Vamp, stands out as the deepest, darkest and most compelling journey yet into the band's unmistakable "doom-funk" sound.
Limited edition of 500
Dimensions: 12"
Materials: Vinyl

Gramps the Vamp
(Logan Square)

Gramps The Vamp is a genre-bending instrumental collective that has been exploring the dark corners of groove-based music since 2011. Lead by Chicago-based composer/keyboardist Maxx McGathey, Gramps The Vamp mixes jazz, funk, psych, surf, world-fusion, metal and the avant-garde with a dark, retro-cinematic aesthetic.