Fwd: Museums Journal - Death to Museums, 2019

Fwd: Museums Journal

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Death To Museums is a call for disruption. It is a call to action and proclaims the need for change. This issue of Fwd: Museums asks: Do museums need to change to avoid their death? Do museums need to die in order to change? Are museums under attack? By whom and to what end? “Death To Museums” is an alert that cultural institutions held in public trust are at risk and need protection. It is an acknowledgment that museums are active battlegrounds in our deepening cultural conflicts. It is a threat that things will be different from now on. Museums are dead. Long live museums. Edited by Therese Quinn & Lauren De Jesus, published 2019 ISBN: 9781732698949
Dimensions: 7.75 x 9.75", 275 pages
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Fwd: Museums Journal
(University Village)

Fwd: Museums strives to create a space for challenging, critiquing, and providing alternative modes of thinking and production within and outside of museums.​ It is produced and edited annually by graduate students from the University of Illinois at Chicago in the Museum and Exhibition Studies Program and published by Chicago-based StepSister Press.