Dorian by Ash Dye


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LATITUDE,Chicago’s premier community print lab,celebrates community practices  with Value Prints, a group photography show and print sale featuring the work of nine Chicago-based artists, on-view March 31 through April 28. Dorian by Ash Dye is a recent portrait from an on-going series titled It Builds. The series started in 2014 and will continue until I draw my last breath.  More than just portraits, this is a body of work that is the result of a need to create, to connect on a personal level. Driven from loneliness and curiosity, each subject strikes a unique cord in my heart. They are humans who don't spend their time in front of a lens, humans who make up the world around me. Strangers, lovers and friends alike, what you see before you is the result of a vulnerable exchange that leaves us both closer. What started as a way to expand a studio practice has grown into an ode to a community that has so graciously welcomed me, an emotional outpour. 

Edition of one
Frame not included in purchase
Dimensions : 11 x 14 inches

Materials: Archival inkjet print on canson platine fibre rag


Ash Dye

Ash Dye is a photographer who finds it easier to connect to themselves and those around them through their lens. Each frame taken is the physical manifestation of the intimate exchange between subject and shooter; a love letter to the world around them as words often fall short. 


(West Town)

LATITUDE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in the West Town area of Chicago. LATITUDE maintains a community digital lab with high-end scanning and printing equipment, C41 film processing, operates an artist in residence program, and organizes regular education & arts programming.