Desert Turtle by Mitsu Salmon & Kikù Hibino

Kikù Hibino

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Desert Turtle is an ambient and vocal sound work by Mitsu Salmon and Kikù Hibino around ideas of shelter, landscapes, and migration. Mitsu’s mother arrived from the wet and dense city of Yokohama Japan to the vast and dry Mojave desert in the 1960s. She related to the turtle she found in the landscape, hiding in their shells and traveling with their home on their back. Mitsu then returned to the home and landscape in which her mother arrived in the states in 2021 to create this album.

released February 11, 2022

Music by Mitsu Salmon and Kikù Hibino
Vocals by Mitsu Salmon
Mixed and mastered by Ralph Loza through the Experimental Sound Studio
This album was made possible through a residency and support of Rogers Art Loft
Dimensions: 12 x 12"
Materials: Vinyl

Kikù Hibino
(Hyde Park)

Chicago-based and Japanese-born sound artist KIKÙ HIBINO produces cross-genre electronic music.

From chamber music for media productions to digital micro sound for art installations, he has collaborated internationally with a wide variety of artists and scholars, including Kawaguchi Takao (Dumb Type), Curtis Roads, Theaster Gates , Mike Weis (Zelienople), Mitsu Salmon and Yuge Zhou.