Chicago Underground Film Festival (CUFF) Posters

Chicago Underground Film Festival (CUFF)

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screen print poster for 2004 CUFF concert at The Empty Bottle featuring Cheater Slicks, The Mistreaters and Vee Dee
2010 CUFF screen print poster by Jay Ryan
2011 CUFF poster designed and printed by Erin Page
2012 CUFF screen print poster designed and printed by Lyra Hill
2017 CUFF screen print poster designed and printed by Ryan Dugan
2020 CUFF matte offset embossed poster designed by Sonnenzimmer
2021 CUFF movie poster "one sheet" designed by Kalan Strauss. Printed on vinyl.
2004: 17.5 x 22.5"
2010: 18 x 24"
2011: 11" x 25"
2012: 29 x 22.5"
2017: 18 x 24"
2020: 18 x 24"
2021: 27 x 40.5"
Materials:  Paper, and vinyl

Chicago Underground Film Festival (CUFF)

The Chicago Underground Film Festival, the longest running underground film festival in the world, is an internationally recognized program providing a venue for documentary, experimental and avant-garde narrative film and video. The festival’s mission is to select and screen film, video and related works presenting a diverse line up of moving image programming focusing on filmmakers working to reinvent and explore new approaches to established practices, to foster new forms of media art and to build an audience for such work. Our goal is to achieve these aims by presenting a fun, user-friendly and accessible event..if you suspect your film is "underground," it probably is...