South Suburban - Andrew Robert Palmer

Andrew Robert Palmer

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Highly Rare is a new mixtape produced and arranged by Makaya McCraven, featuring Junius Paul (bass), Nick Mazzarella (alto saxophone), and Ben Lamar Gay (cornet, diddley bow, voice). Recorded live to Tascam 424MKIII cassette four-track at the legendary Danny's Tavern in Chicago, Illinois.

Classic black 12" vinyl LP in heavyweight matte jacket with IARC obi strip and dome patterned inner sleeve.
Dimensions: 40 minutes
Materials: vinyl, heavyweight matte jacket


Andrew Robert Palmer
(Originally south suburban Hazel Crest, now Portage Park)

Andrew Robert Palmer (or ARP! For short), is pop/folk-rock singer-songwriter from Chicago. Originally from South suburban Hazel Crest, Andrew is truly a homegrown artist who draws inspiration from his surroundings. Andrew began playing the drums at age 15 and writing his own songs by the age of 16. His first foray into the local DIY music scene was with his twee-pop-inspired band, The Mother Z’s, which was comprised of Andrew and his sister. As The Mother Z’s ended in 2014, Andrew’s songwriting continued to develop and he soon began booking and playing his own shows around Chicago. Having released “an extensive collection of work since 2015’s Ghosts and Bees (A Retrospective)” Andrew has grown to become a “local DIY stalwart” and “one of the scene’s most prolific solo artists” according to Chicago Crowd Surfer. Andrew characterizes his upbeat folk-rock tunes with a sense of humor a la Ben Folds, while toggling through his other influences, from Elliott Smith-like poignancy and Jonathan Richman-style whimsy. He even occasionally shows off his pop-punk influence.