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Honey harvested in Frankfort, IL.

  • Clover honey, one of the most common types of honey. Sweet, mild and flowery flavor.
  • Orange Blossom honey is one of our most popular honeys due to its mild flavor with a light citrus taste. Every winter our bees are transported to Florida. (Orange blossom being the states designated flower.
  • Brazilian pepper tree is a native species from Brazil that is currently found in Florida. This golden amber honey is sweet and rich, with a light kick to it.


Chicago Honey Truck
(Humboldt Park)

Chicago Honey Truck is a small company of young entrepreneurs that specializes in beekeeping. They believe in the medicinal aspect of honey and other bee-related products as well as the ecological service our lovely bee pollinators contribute. They collaborate with local farmers and out of state farmers, such as Michigan and Florida, to produce great quality honey placing their bees in a variety of fields to create unique, sweet, and tasty honey. Such as Orange Blossom, Blueberry Blossom, Wild Flowers, and Golden Rod to name a few. Each type with their own unique taste that will leave everyone surprised with an uncontrollable smile.