Ceramic Paintings

Haylie Jimenez

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Dimensions: Varies Small: ~4.5 x ~5.5 x .25" / Large: 7 x 8 x .25"
Materials: Glazed stoneware

Haylie Jimenez

Haylie Jimenez was born in Orlando to a single mom with two other siblings. She moved to rural Northern Georgia as a child and spent her adolescence here. Haylie moved to Chicago in 2016 to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in pursuit of a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts. Spending five years in Chicago created a space for growth and finding queer BIPOC community that has allowed her to find important ways of healing and joy. The importance of this community is the core of Haylie's work. Graduating in 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic proved to bring its own set of challenges and opportunities, showing in various group shows around Chicago and in 2021, having her first Duo show (titled "can we get something sweet?" with her twin and biggest inspiration, Sydnie Jimenez. Haylie is currently working with Sydnie at the Archie Bray in Helena, MT facilitating and creating various ceramics and drawings on ceramics.