Green Zones: Moments of Wonder in the Forests of Nosara by Jenny Kendler

Candor Arts

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Green Zones is a community co-created project and artist book, which aims to share and protect the unique tropical dry forests of Nosara, Costa Rica. As Artist in Residence with non-profit NRDC, Jenny Kendler was asked to create a project inspired by Nosara’s unique ecosystem. Kendler and her collaborators organized walks led by mindfulness professionals and conservation biologists. During these walks, community members were asked to make a photograph which were compiled into this handmade artist book alongside a poem written by Dave Snyder, co-designed and published by Matt Austin of Candor Arts.
Dimensions: 4 x 7.25", 160 pages,
Materials: Perfect hardbound, foil stamped cover and spine

Candor Arts
(West Town)

Candor Arts is a Chicago-based resource and independent publisher of artist books. Their published authors share personal accounts of their lives and offer therapeutic perspectives on learning and healing. Their projects are always derived from human experience and often address social issues in contemporary society.