Five Fifths by Growing Concerns Poetry Collective

Candor Arts

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Growing Concerns Poetry Collective's Five Fifths features new poetry by the group's poets McKenzie Chinn and Mykele Deville, including the collected text from the collective's inaugural album WE HERE: Thank Your For Noticing. In this tandem collection of deeply personal work, Chinn and Deville interrogate the nature of selfhood, blackness, community, love, ritual, and vulnerability while celebrating perseverance and survival in the face of generational and systemic marginalization.
Dimensions: 5.25 x 7.25 x 0.5", 166 pages
Materials: Softcover, perfect bound, foil stamped covers.

Candor Arts
(West Town)

Candor Arts is a Chicago-based resource and independent publisher of artist books. Their published authors share personal accounts of their lives and offer therapeutic perspectives on learning and healing. Their projects are always derived from human experience and often address social issues in contemporary society.