Cactus Kaleidoscope Puzzle

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Kaleidoscopes are mesmerizing with their changing patterns of color and shifting imagery. The name kaleidoscope comes from several Greek words that mean “observer of beautiful forms.” Inspired by artists who create collages from objects found in nature, the Cactus Kaleidoscope jigsaw puzzle is a celebration of summer and a study of movement in still images. Subtle design elements including color gradient and diagonal stripes differentiate quadrants just enough to help you find your way. This puzzle is a perfect escape when stuck at home.
Dimensions: 1000 pieces,  10.75 x 7.75 x 2"
Materials: High-quality art paper with matte finish


Wink Puzzles

Brenda Bergen, founder of Wink Puzzles and Wink Design Atelier, has always loved puzzling as long as she can remember.. Like a good book, she panics near the end if she don’t have another puzzle on deck. As a designer, she was always on the hunt for beautiful things and wasn't able to find good-looking puzzles. It has taken hundreds of hours and multiple iterations of design followed by putting them together to determine which elements were needed to strike a balance among broad strokes, small details, repetition, and variation. Puzzlers need elements to orient them along the way, while those elements must thoughtfully make sense as a whole.
Her hope is to create beautiful puzzles that satisfy other avid puzzlers and lure newbies into a new pastime that keeps your mind fresh and relieves stress.