Wildflower Garden Chiffon Scarf

Brush Whisperer

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Silk chiffon scarf featuring design and original paintings by botanical artist, Heeyoung Kim. Her design includes harmoniously blends three habitats; blue with monochromatic flower illustrations, light to dark sky blue with swarming monarch butterflies in oak branches, and blackish dark to lavender grey with flowers and birds. Dry clean only.
Dimensions: 40 x 60"
Materials: 100% Silk chiffon


Brush Whisperer
(Arlington Heights)

Brush Whisperer is Heeyoung Kim, a botanical artist, art instructor, and native plant advocate. She documents native plants of Midwestern prairies and woods focusing on rare and endangered species as plant populations rapidly decrease globally. She creates detailed portrayals of each plant and its life cycle through keen observation and broad research throughout its growing seasons in natural habitats. Her paintings and drawings are distinguished with scientific accuracy, authentic composition, and masterful rendering of the medium. She has been building up a digital image bank from her artworks in her blog "Project 200". She set a goal to paint 200 native species and hope her art would be used for educating the public about native plants and nature conservation. She founded botanical art program at Brushwood Center and teaches this traditional art form in various media, and often collaborates with schools and garden clubs to advocate for the role of plants in eco-sustainability.