Bricklayer Throw Blanket

The Weaving Mill

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This blanket is inspired by the book Cheaper by the Dozen. It’s the story of the Gilbreth family, the parents were time-and motion-study experts who used their dozen children to enact some of their efficiency principles. Frank Gilbreth, the father, started out as a bricklayer when he was a teenager. Frank and his wife Lillian analyzed work processes to eliminate wasted time and motion, reducing the amount of time people had to work, so they would have more time to do things they actually care about, like garden or read a book or ice skate. These blankets have a pattern of a brick-wall with a pixelated sky-field behind it, to remind us to do our work and get on with our ice-skating.
Dimensions: 59 x 68"
Materials: Cotton and deadstock Glenraven mystery fiber

The Weaving Mill

(Humboldt Park)

The Weaving Mill is an artist-run industrial weaving studio in Chicago. They make limited runs of woven home goods and apparel, focusing on creative use of deadstock, scrapped, and recycled yarns, as well as supply-chain-forward contemporary materials. In partnership with social services agency Envision Unlimited, they provide textile education workshops for adults with developmental disabilities and host an experimental artist residency program. Through their projects, textile and otherwise, they aim to fill the space between the hand and industrially made and bring the mechanics of textile production into wider view.