Carlos Matallana

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The Manual of Violence project, an investigation into the history and narrativization of violence, has stretched several years and a dozen workshops, couple of games, countless classrooms programs, and a full-length comic book teaching manual (in progress) based on the author's ongoing conversations about violence with young children.
Brea is the first fictional installment in this series: an abstract illustrated story of two canny kids grappling with a magical and terrible heaviness around them in the wake of their school’s closure.

Dimensions:  5 H x 6.5 L x 0.5 W"
Materials:  Softcover book


Carlos Matallana

Matallana's body of work implies two well defined means, political criticism via illustration; and civic empowerment by virtue of New Media workshops, this last one with special attention to social interactions, bridge generation, and civic engagement. His illustration tool is ink/pen on paper, relying on high contrast and its expressionism qualities. Comics conveys his working experience, passion for inking and research in complex issues such as Violence, Urbanism, Financial, Housing and Art which motivates me to question my position as a father, educator and artist, then challenge the audience to reflect about their role in a complex-rich urban society as Chicago.