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Level Eater

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Gather your party and brave the unknown! This adventure finds Portsbridge in a Lost Land teeming with ancient ruins, lonely gods, weird mysteries, and dangerous fortune-hunters. What perils shall you overcome? What secrets shall you discover? You are the heroes!

Book an online session with us and one of our Level Eater game-masters guides you through the adventure, as your Dungeon Master and host. Each four-hour session takes place online using platforms like Demiplane, Zoom, Roll20, or other accessible venues chosen by your host to best suit their style.

You, the booking player, get:

  • A 4-hour online play session
  • Custom scheduled just for players you invite (total 3 to 5 players)
  • Hosted by one of our famed and fabled Level Eater DMs
  • Digital editions of the Quest Guide zine for all your players
  • Digital copies of the playable characters for all your players
  • A digital copy of the new map for all your players

Your host DM will report the outcome of your adventure to our overseers, unlocking new lore at and revealing stories, legends, and history of the Lost Land. It all sets the stage for the future!

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Level Eater

Level Eater is Public Media Institute's annual Dungeons & Dragons event. Usually hosted at Co-Prosperity Sphere, this year's 12th edition takes place online. Level Eater in Chicago determines the fate of the fantastical city of Portsbridge—cast out between worlds by a curse from an evil foe called the Nemesis!
Proceeds from Level Eater XII benefit Lumpen Radio! Thanks for being a HERO! Visit for more info and updates.